Surf & Skate Art Festival: Volume 2

03-04 April 2015 | Vyrsodepseio
Orfeos 174, Votanikos, 11855 Athens, Greece


SurfSkate Art Festival

Fresh stuff on the way

Iroko wood from the west coast of tropical Africa.

Ready for vacations // Happy holidays


It is christmas and the weather is sunny in Athens.

Find the time, put a big smile in your face and do whatever you want.
We went for a ramp session..

With: Alex Makrigiannis, John Makrigiannis, Konstantinos Linoksilakis

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Sunday cruising // 32nd Athens Classic Marathon

The 32nd Classical Marathon Race took place this morning November 9, in Athens, Greece.
At the end of the race we followed a small, but long enough, part of the path with our longboards.
Sunny weather, until the end of the race. Lots of stoked athletes and an empty road for cruising..
Until next time.

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